Main Meeting - Genomic Medicine - Moving Beyond the Sequence

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
11 Queen Street
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Meeting Summary:

Through advances in genome technology and informatics, partial and whole genome sequencing have become a routine part of healthcare and health-related research. Genome-based information offers major opportunities for improved healthcare and preventive medicine. Sharing of sequence data has become the norm, through research consortia and genome databases. But questions and challenges remain. "Genomic Medicine - Moving beyond the Sequence" will aim to address the following questions:

  • How widely and at what age should genome sequencing be carried out, in patients and in healthy individuals, and how can this be applied for disease prevention?
  • What are the current aims of genome-based testing in cancer diagnostics, risk prediction, early detection and cancer stratification?
  • Has the knowledge derived from cancer genomes and liquid biopsy research progressed beyond the stage of clinical trials?
  • Are the analytical tools for sequence interpretation and the links between genome and clinical data sufficient for optimal healthcare delivery?
  • Is the clinical and scientific workforce prepared for genome-based testing across the medical specialties?

The main meeting and its two satellites will showcase and discuss the state of the art in Genomic Medicine, recognising the key role of the host organisations - Genomics England, British Society for Genetic Medicine and Scottish Genomes Partnership - in reaching this landmark period in Genomic Medicine.

The meeting will be followed by a drinks reception at The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.

Keynote Contributors:

Professor Sir Mark Caulfield, Chief Scientist, Genomics England

Professor Sir Peter Donnelly, Founder & CEO, Genomics plc

Marc Williams, MD, Director, Geisinger Medicine Institute

Professor Paul Pharoah, University of Cambridge

Professor Clare Turnbull, Institute of Cancer Research

Professor Andrew Morris, Director, HDRUK, University of Edinburgh

Professor Jo Martin, President, Royal College of Pathologists

Meeting Organisers: Sir Mark Caulfield, Genomics England; Anneke Lucassen, British Society of Genetic Medicine; Tim Aitman, Scottish Genomes Partnership.

Local Organising Committee: Tim Aitman, Mary Porteous, Simon Herrington

Satellite Meetings:

Postponed - Genetics, Genomics and the Law

Postponed - Genomic Medicine - Health Economics

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