Satellite 1 - Genetics, Genomics and the Law

Edinburgh Law School, The MacLaren Stuart Room
Old College
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Meeting Summary

This “Genetics, Genomics and the Law” satellite workshop, aimed at geneticists and practitioners of genomic medicine with an interest in the law, will examine:

  • How the law uses and relies on genetics in the fields of identity and family law, succession, and criminal law
  • How geneticists can help lawyers, law makers and politicians, better understand the potential – and limits – of genetics
  • Current ethical issues arising from genetics research and genome-based medicine

The main focus of the meeting will be on the above three topical areas rather than the legal, regulatory compliance issues and data protection, which are out of the main scope of this meeting.


Professor Anneke Lucassen, British Society of Genetic Medicine

Dr Emily Postan, Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh

Dr Gillian Black, Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh

Professor Liz Campbell, Monash University, Australia

Dr Sarah Chan, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh

Dr Shona Kerr, MRC-Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh

Dr Lucy Frith, Dept of Health Services Research, University of Liverpool

Meeting Organisers: Dr Gillian Black, University of Edinburgh, Professor Anneke Lucassen, British Society of Genetic Medicine, Professor Tim Aitman, University of Edinburgh